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Mulch Stone Soil, Sand and Gravel Flagstone Retaining Wall

-Soil, Sand and Gravel-

We have been producing our own soil since before we opened the doors of
Adentís Landscape Supplies. In 1989, we purchased a royer soil processor and began
shredding and screening soil we had left from jobs. The demand for good soil is what eventually
brought us to where we are today.

For the past 19 years, we have done much experimenting with different types of soil and also different mixes. Having a product that would be consistent not just from day to day but from year to year was our top priority. The landscape soil we produce today is a mix of compost, topsoil and sand. All three of these ingredients play a specific roll in the overall performance of the soil. The compost adds organics and has moisture-holding capabilities, the topsoil adds body and weight, and the sand keeps it from binding together and makes it more workable when wet.

With yearly sales of over 10,000 cubic yards, we are Southwest Michiganís largest producer of organic landscape soil.

Soil that will be available to you include:

  • Landscape Soil
  • Fill Soil
  • Fill Sand
  • Mason Sand
  • Paver Base
  • C. Concrete